Dream Belt Pregnancy Sleep Support


The award-winning pregnancy sleep aid that doesn't take up the whole bed!

- Prolonged comfort for mum-to-be

- Safe 'side-sleeping' resting position for unborn baby

- Moulds and adapts to your body through pregnancy

- Easy wearing: Velcro fastening around the back


Dream Belt

Dream Belt has been co-created with new mums and midwives to improve sleep comfort during pregnancy. (usually from as early as week 20 +)

Super soft memory foam on either side of Dream Belt fills the gap between hip and mattress, enabling comfortable side-sleeping (recommended to be the safest sleep position during pregnancy by experts at www.tommys.org)

pregnancy belt


  • Ergonomic belt follows every movement of your body during the night

  • 2 Elastic strips at the top and bottom of the bump for support

  • Memory foam padding to relieve pressure and weight

  • Stretch jersey fabric front adapts to each stage of pregnancy

  • Rear velcro fastening

  • Adjustable belt fits all body shapes

  • Available in 2 sizes - XS/S and M/L

  • Can be used directly on the skin or over clothing

  • Lightweight product, stylish design and 3 colours available.



  • Tested and approved by mums-to-be and midwives including panel tested by Emma's Diary

  • Provides through-the-night comfort in the recommended side-sleeping position

  • REAL support to take the weight of your bump all the way up to full term.

  • Cover is machine washable at 40°

  • Easy wearing with a simple velcro fastening

  • Takes up minimal or no space in bed.

  • Compact and convenient for travel
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