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Twist Starter Kit

Twist from Babymoov lets you collect, store, and feed your breast milk using a single storage pouch. 0 transfer to keep 100% of the fats in the milk and avoid contaminations.


You're going back to work, but you don't want to stop breastfeeding? You want the best for your baby, but you don't feel comfortable breastfeeding in public? You breastfeed and you dream of sharing those moments with the father? Twist is the solution you need!

This innovative concept lets you collect, store, and feed your breast milk using a single storage pouch. 0 transfer (100% of the milk fats are preserved), 0 risk of contamination (pre-sterilised single-use pouches) and universal (compatible with all major breast pump and teat brands on the market).

Step 1: easily collect the milk with Twist, it's easy for you to collect your breast milk. Take your breast pump, select the correct direct-pump adapter, secure it to the breast pump, and then screw your Twist storage pouch onto it. Now your breast pump is ready to use! Twist pouches are pre-sterilised and single-use to guarantee maximum hygiene. And direct-pump adapters are compatible with all major breast pump brands on the market*.

Step 2: store the milk easily after collecting your milk, you don't need to transfer it to a bottle or any other container. Simply close the pouch with its leak-proof, 100% hermetic cap. Write the date on the markable surfaces (pouch and cap), and store your pouch in the fridge or freezer using the keeper supplied in the kit.

Step 3: give your baby the best, easily. When it's your baby's feeding time, take your squeeze bottle and choose your Twist breast milk bottle. Warm your storage pouch using a suitable breast milk warmer such as the Kozii (sold separately), your feeding bottle is ready. Slide your Twist pouch into the squeeze feeding bottle and select your teat. you will find three active-latch teats (slow, medium, or fast flow) in your kit. Specially designed to encourage active sucking, they reproduce the shape of a mother's breast perfectly. If they do not suit your baby, however, you can adapt teats of any major brand on the market* to fit the squeeze bottle. Use the direct-pump adapters provided for this purpose.

Twist, the concept that lets you breastfeed for longer, easily!

The Twist breastfeeding kit includes:

20 x 175ml twist storage pouches

7 pairs of direct-pump adapters (compatible with all major breast pump and nipple brands on the market*)

1 keeper to store the pouches

2 squeeze natural feeding bottles

3 active-latch teats (active sucking with slow, medium and fast speed)

2 teat brushes

*list of compatible breast pumps: Medela, Philips Avent, Ardo, Ameda, Tommee Tippee, Dorson, Spectra, Mamivac, Difrax, Little Martin's Playtex, Evenflo, Pigeon, Mamajoo, The First Years, Hygeia when using the hygeia narrow neck adapter, Lansinoh, standard neck and wide neck

*list of compatible teats: Medela, Philips Avent Dr Browns, Tommee Tippee, Mam Nuk, (incompatible with the "first choice" and "nature sense" ranges nuby incompatible with the ranges)

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